Group’s Design Statement

Global population aging is a topic that cannot be ignored in today’s society, it’s slowly being noticed by the younger generation. Especially in Hong Kong, a city that has such high population density, aging is definitely at the top of the issue list.

While we are unable to solve this problem in a short period of time, as a designer we can make it better, creating a better place to live for elderlies. Through our research, we noticed that some elderlies are living alone for many reasons. With lack of care and being socially isolated, they started to be more introvert.

Therefore, we want to create an event that can provide opportunity and motivate seniors to meet new friends. Most importantly, to bring joy and satisfaction to all elderlies, especially those are living alone.

Group’s Members

Tang Fiona Fong Yu: HDD (Graphic Design)
Ng Ka Hei – HDD (Interior Architecture)
Lo Shing On – HDD (Interior Architecture)
Cheng Kadence – HDD (Fashion Design)