Glamp Retro 豪華復古營

The Tigers

Group’s Design Statement

We have discovered that in the ageing population of Hong Kong, many elderlies have lost connections with the younger generations, and hence have lost their passion for living. We have decided to establish a “Glamp Retro” (Glamp = Glamour+Camp) event. Merging retro elements with Chinese traditional elements, we have come up with a series of designs to encourage the elderlies to keep a playful mindset and light up the fire for living once again. At the same time, we would also like to encourage the youths to build up bonds with the elderlies through playful interactions.


Group’s Members

Liu Tsz Kin: HDD (Graphic Design)
Kong Wing Yin: HDD (Graphic Design)
Elisha Quinn Gonzales: HDD (Interior Architecture)
Sneha Ghale: HDD (Fashion Design)

” the making of”