Katrina Lam

Lam Ka Yan

BA Interior Architecture and Design

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my design statement

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one” (Stella Adler). Where the line of normalcy is shaped differently in the eyes of artists, as everything is relative, there exists the freedom that only artists can create – the space, colour and texture on which that line of normalcy lies, in order to make it one at all.

The sound experience is following 7-Hz scale which belong with 7 Chakras | Interior Major Project

Hearts Chakra, space to connect to yourself and beyond| Interior Major Project

The arc is extended to other side to let users hear sound tone standing under the copper bell | Interior Major Project

The wall that separates two sides has turned to be an interactive wall as it will move with people flow around it | Interior Major Project

A public space in Central to activate silent sound-healing | Interior Major Project

” the making of “