Nick Lau

Lau Ho Yeung

BA Interior Architecture and Design

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my design statement

Reconnecting our relationship with the community through “SPACE”

The project aims to design/redevelop a co-living home for single-parent families. By form a cooperative community, thereby reducing the stress of living and burden of raising children. | Interior Major Project

The activity space is very important, so there are playground, study & reading area to and other facilities to satisfy the children  | Interior Major Project

 Concept of “Bird’s Nest Tree” – The tree is core of bird’s nest, and birds will align the nest (home) on branches, relying on the tree for support. Trees provide a protected place. | Interior Major Project

“Heritage” -An alternative way of living by gathering all single parents together under a tree with [ Co – Access – Life – Center ] | Interior Major Project

‘Nest Home’ – concept video | Interior Major Project

” the making of “